Industry Insights from a SIA 25 On the RISE Honoree

The Netwatch team is proud to announce Robert Brent as an honoree of the inaugural SIA 25 On the RISE awards. This annual program recognizes the exceptional leaders in the security industry under 40. As the Senior Director of Customer Success at Netwatch Group, Robert drives growth through innovative, customer-centric strategies. His leadership is evident in spearheading an expansive dealer training program, integrating a comprehensive Learning Management System, and ensuring effective onboarding and mentorship for both dealers and customers.

With a history of strategic success and a passion for excellence, Robert shapes the future of the security industry, epitomizing a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. We’ve had the opportunity to ask Robert for his predictions regarding upcoming leadership and emerging trends in the security industry, and he’s taken the time to share his perspective.

Why are you excited to be one of the future leaders in the industry?
The rapidly evolving landscape of security threats presents a compelling challenge. To be a leader in developing the solutions to these challenges excites me! Being a part of this industry allows me to contribute meaningfully to the safety of communities and organizations — and I look forward to continuing to drive advancements, leveraging rapidly emerging technologies, and providing solutions that ensure a secure and resilient future.

Why is highlighting the up-and-comers in the market important?
Highlighting up-and-coming professionals in our industry is crucial for its longevity. By acknowledging and celebrating fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and emerging talent, we are showing the industry’s openness to change and adaptation while demonstrating that we value creativity and diversity of thought. Additionally, it facilitates knowledge transfer between generations, as experienced leaders can mentor and guide the next wave of talent to ensure a smooth succession of expertise and leadership. My sincere hope is that young professionals are inspired to pursue careers in the security industry with the confidence that their contributions will be recognized and appreciated.

How has the industry changed since you joined?
Since beginning my career in the security industry 5 years ago, I’ve seen the explosive evolution of technological advancement and adoption. By leveraging AI and automation, we’ve seen dramatic improvements in efficiency when identifying and responding to risks. Obtaining information about current threats and vulnerabilities has become faster, and there’s been a shift in focus towards stopping risks before they can escalate rather than documenting or responding to events that have already occurred. Meanwhile, terms like “AI”, “machine learning”, and “Smart analytics” have become common language in the consumer market, with DIY solutions available to customers within a couple of mouse clicks and next-day-shipping. The industry has become increasingly aware of the importance of meeting and exceeding customer expectations, and many of my initiatives at Netwatch, such as developing the dealer training program and the end-to-end customer success program, reflect this evolution.

What has been the coolest thing you’ve done in your career so far?
I’ve had incredible opportunities to be part of several major initiatives at Netwatch, but the one I am most proud of is our dealer onboarding and training program. We have built an at-your-own-pace Learning Management System that is reinforced with both in-person onboarding and ongoing opportunities for learning and engagement with the latest technologies.

What do you think the future holds in terms of industry trends?
Looking ahead, I’m certain the industry will continue to embrace technology and innovation. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and data analytics will enhance customer experiences and optimize operations. Undoubtedly, cybersecurity, privacy concerns, and regulations will influence how we responsibly utilize this new tech while protecting our customer’s private data.

Five years from now, where do you think the industry will be?
In five years, I believe the industry will be marked by even more personalized and seamless customer interactions. New technology and automation will pave the way to creating new solutions to the marketplace that we didn’t think were possible only a short time ago. With this shift in product- and service-offerings, being a trusted advisor to our customers will be more important than ever.

Being at the forefront of this industry makes for an exciting prospect for Robert and other up-and-coming leaders in the security industry because it presents an opportunity to lead in shaping its future. The energy and constant evolution motivate them to innovate and contribute to a landscape that prioritizes customer satisfaction, technological advancement, and ethical business practices.

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